Welcome to Trill Golf

August 16, 2021 2 min read

Hello fellow golfers and welcome to Trill Golf. 

My name is Adam and since I'm the only non sales guy on the team, I've been tasked at getting this blog started and to share the fun backstory of how Trey, myself and Gandy all met, what sparked the idea for Trill Golf and what we hope to build.

Like many, the three of us think, talk and play golf way too much. It's what we love, what we always find time to chat about and it's what brought three of us together about 7 years ago via mutual friends at our alma mater Michigan State University. 

While the three of us would play rounds here and there in Michigan, it wasn't until 2016 when we had the idea of going on a golf trip up at Treetops Resort in Gaylord Michigan and it instantly became our favorite weekend of the year. From talking trash on the course, after round shenanigans and post trip breakdowns, the memories we made that weekend were endless and it was something we wanted to make a tradition.

Fast forward to today, as we approach our 6th annual "Club Throw Classic", we now have 12 guys from 12 different backgrounds, flying and driving in from across the country and a group chat that is more reckless than a night out with John Daly.

From the brotherhood we've built on our trip, we want to take the passion we have for the game, the relationships you can make and help introduce the game to those who may not think golf is for them as well. We will share fun and engaging content on our social channels and host Trill Golf events to bring together golfers from different cities across the US.

Golf is meant to be enjoyed with others and we are excited to share our journey, while learning how others enjoy this game we all seem to be spend way too much time trying to perfect.

 - Adam 

Adam Crouch
Adam Crouch

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